Sharon Foster, chairwoman of the Washington Liquor Control Board, said “We feel very proud of what we’re doing.” OK, while that may be so, I feel proud of you too Sharon and company! However, what is left out of the official press releases is the 40+ year struggle that has been preceding this historic event.

Who are the true heroes of this historic change for a better society? Obviously, I cannot mention all the people responsible for this here, but I do want to list a few of the people that I think were left out and deserve some kind of mention; Jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, Vivian McPeak, Rick Steves, Marc & Jodie Emery and his entire crew, MM/Chris B. etc. you know who you are! Kudos to all for getting the ball rolling! We, the rest of us, have been trying to take it from there and now we got to here!:

State officials charted the course for this experiment to undercut the illegal market: licensing a recreational-pot industry serving customers state-wide with 334 retail stores.

Stores are open between 8 am. and midnight beginning next year in May or so, with marijuana farms to start growing several months earlier. For sale are small amounts of marijuana products, including buds and brownies produced with state-certified safe levels of pesticides, mold and other chemicals.

Childproof packaging will be required for edible products. All packages will contain warning labels and show potency, as measured in percentage of THC, the key psychoactive chemical in pot.

The above, is hailed by some, to be the world-wide model for marijuana legalization!